About Saccone’s

As a boy growing up in Carteret, NJ, I remember going to the local pizza places like Carlo’s, Cosmo’s, Bella, City Line or Center Bar to pick up two large pies with my dad (if I was good, I got to choose the toppings).  I will never forget the distinctive smell of the hot pizza as it burned my lap on the way home and the anticipation of biting into my first slice!

Around the age of nine I started a paper route. What does this had to do with pizza? Keep reading.

So I started a paper route and it was my first step into entrepreneurship.  As I grew up, I passed on my paper route to my brother Steve.  I worked various jobs at some restaurants near home as a waiter, bartender, greeter and manager before eventually settling into a career in banking.  Through those many different experiences, I learned the benefit of hard work, how to handle money, work with people, run a business, and most importantly, how to make my customers happy.

I left the banking business in 1995 to pursue a business of my own.  Calling upon my prior restaurant experience, I decided to wait tables and tend bar.  I knew some guys – Tony, Teddy, and Jimmy – from my banking days and they were doing pretty well with their own pizza shop.

Calabria II, in Sterling, NJ. In January of 1996, I decided to go to work for my gumba’s (that’s Italian for “friends”) at Calabria II and learn how to make pizza.  That’s where I met Mike, better known to our customers as Cody.

Years earlier, my parents, Phil and Claire, retired and moved to Leander to spend time with their grandchildren.  After several years of visiting my family in Austin, I noticed that there were no “Mom” and “Pop” pizza shops like I grew up with in Jersey.  And since there were lots of Yankees moving to Texas I figured that Austin was a good place to open a Jersey pizzeria.

In October of 1996, I moved to Leander and in early 1997 (along with my brother Steve and Cody) started the quest.

On February 14, 1997, Saccone’s Pizza & Subs opened its doors for business in Leander. A year to the day later, we opened our Anderson Mill Store near FM620 and Highway 183.  That was the historic beginning of Saccone’s Pizza & Subs… PIZZA WITH A JERSEY ATTITUDE!

Saccone’s Pizza & Subs was built on the premise that if you give the public consistent quality and great-tasting food, they’d tell all their friends and keep coming back for more. And that’s why we are now recognized as Austin’s only true authentic Jersey Pizza Shop. For those of you Yankee transplants, you know that we’re the real deal. For the rest of you, well… we’ll make Jerseyans out of you yet. So enjoy the pizza and don’t forget to tell your friends. Pizza With a Jersey Attitude!